Ten golden rules for writing a good precis

Ten Golden Rules For Writing a Good Precis

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Precis Writing Tips and Examples - PDF

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So bad that he "refused to condemn the support of white supremacist groups four times, saying. Characteristics of a Good Press Release. Introduction. These days, every newspaper devotes some space to corporate news. The news items printed under this heading are prepared on the basis of the of the press releases or hand-outs supplied by various organizations.

Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more. Thomas Aquinas (/6—) St. Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican priest and Scriptural theologian. He took seriously the medieval maxim that “grace perfects and builds on nature; it does not set it aside or destroy it.”.

The style of language and words used in the precis-writing indicate the intelligence of the precis writer. In other words, the precis-writing preserved the spirit of the original passage with different words and sentences.

Precis Writing Tips and Examples - PDF

5. Use Own Language. The precis-writer should use his/her own language for precis-writing.

Ten golden rules for writing a good precis
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