Black pepper and garlic as an alternative source for insecticide essay

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Lemon Grass and Garlic as an Organic Insecticide

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Black pepper

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Orange is the New Black Essay

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We will write a custom essay sample on Black Pepper and Garlic as an alternative source for Insecticide Essay specifically for you. for only $ $/page. Order now. Search. So how do you make a garlic spray for pests?

There are many recipes to be found on the internet, but the basic recipe for a garlic spray is as follows. We will write a custom essay sample on Black Pepper and Garlic as an alternative source for Insecticide specifically for you for only $ $/page Order now. The sterilisation of spices, herbs and vegetable seasonings: Understanding the options.

The spice of life Black pepper, white pepper, turmeric, Coliforms rosemary, basil eliminated; coliforms eliminated Garlic powder Coliforms not detected White pepper log reduction total plate count Nutmeg log reduction total plate count.

Using Garlic as a Natural Pesticide Using Garlic as a Natural Pesticide. Garlic makes an excellent economical, non-toxic pesticide for the garden.

It has natural fungicidal and pesticidal properties that work effectively to control pests. For maximum efficacy in pest control, avoid using any chemical fertilizers. Black pepper (or perhaps long pepper) was believed to cure several illnesses, such as constipation, insomnia, oral abscesses, sunburn, and toothaches, among others.

Some sources say that piperine, a substance present in black pepper, are used for this as an alternative to pepper shakers that dispense ground pepper.

Black pepper and garlic as an alternative source for insecticide essay
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